Porto Montenegro: yachts, sea and beautiful landscapes


Porto Montenegro: yachts, sea and beautiful landscapes

Located in the Bay of Kotor, Porto Montenegro is an incredible place for vacation, paradise among the mountains, nature and clean sea. It’s like a small town with fabulous hotels, boutiques, restaurants, beaches and splendid yachts.

Such a place is created for a really luxurious vacation. Porto Montenegro is a unique project, one of the most expensive marinas in the world nowadays. It was bought by the Investment Corporation of Dubai in 2016. There are only a few marinas like this in the world for passionate sailors, yacht owners and those who want to have an exclusive vacation.

Small, but very beautiful Bay of Kotor became a place for chic hotels, private clubs and events, and yacht parking spots. We were lucky enough to see the amazing sunsets over the Adriatic Sea. We were pleasantly surprised by the excellent service, infrastructure of the “town” and stunning views. Vacation in Montenegro was fantastic!