Bermuda Shorts: there’s nothing new under the sun


Bermuda Shorts: there’s nothing new under the sun

Simple, comfortable and yet chic – Bermuda shorts are everywhere this summer. Did you know that these shorts have military origins? And their name is somehow related to the Bermuda Islands. The history of these casual shorts is very long, but just agree – they are still cool.

Bermuda Islands are the only place in the world, where bright-colored shorts are the national dress for men and they wear them with high socks. Nevertheless, Bermuda shorts are not originally Bermudian; this type of clothing was adapted from British military uniforms. As a part of British army uniform for tropical weather and desert climates at the beginning of the 20th century, these shorts were created in rainy London.

Designers brought back Bermuda shorts into the runways in 2020 for the summer season, but we also can see them in fall 2020 fashion trends: Chloe, Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs.

Bermuda shorts are comfortable, casual and classic at the same time, neither too short nor too long, matching with almost everything and good-looking in various shades. Isn’t it perfect?