Explore the world from home. Virtual travels


Explore the world from home. Virtual travels

There are so many interesting places to see, and so little opportunities to travel in 2020 because of the pandemic. However, the Internet makes possible everything – one click and you are in the most wonderful and famous places in the world. Explore the museums, palaces, galleries – it’s very inspiring. 

The Louvre. Paris, France

The Louvre Museum is one of the largest art museums in the world. The painting collection has more than 7,000 works. The masterpieces are well known: The Mona Lisa, The Wedding at Cana, The Coronation of Napoleon, antiquities, decorative arts, sculptures (famous marble statue of The Venus de Milo) and others. It’s an amazing place of inspiration and power.  Now we can see many expositions online.

Doge’s Palace. Venice, Italy

Venetian Gothic style palace, the residence of The Doge of Venice, now a museum with breathtaking exterior and the longest canvas painting in the world – Il Paradiso of Tintoretto. This palace is one of the most popular cultural attractions in Italy. Every room here is a masterpiece and we can see all details in Google Arts and Culture without leaving home. 

Walt Disney World

Magic fairytale! Attractions and shows, hotels, parks and all areas now are available in an interactive 360º video environment on YouTube. It’s not simple watching of short videos, you can pan the camera anywhere you want by moving a smartphone and feel like you’re there. Sometimes our childhood dreams come true in a different way. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, USA

The Met 360° Project is a great opportunity to visit the Met’s art, architecture and spaces from home. The series of six videos show all from completely different perspective. Explore The Great Hall – museum’s entry, Cloisters with magnificent gardens, The Temple of Dendur and other places. 

It’s hard to find an inspiration for work at home, especially for those, who can’t imagine life without traveling. But it is possible if you have time, the Internet and desire to explore something new:  art, culture and places you have never been to before.