Digital Fashion – The Fashion of Our Future


Digital Fashion – The Fashion of Our Future

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world. The clothing industry is considered to be the second environment polluter, and 50% «fast fashion» products are simply thrown away within the first year after purchase. The world of fashion has changed and sustainable consumption will be in trend soon.

The Internet audience waits for new and high-quality content every day. Content that will surprise, excite and catch attention. People buy tons of clothes for a few photos and these clothes will end up in a landfill because were tried on for only once.

Let’s talk about digital fashion. It’s created using high computer technology and now it’s especially relevant. Creating one digital item cuts CO2 emission by 95%. If new technologies are conquering the world and are safer for our planet, so why don’t we generate interesting content with amazing, fashionable, but visual images of outfits?

Dress-X – it’s the first international brand of digital fashion, the idea is to create clothing for visual content, which reduces waste in the traditional textile and clothing industry. Dress-X gives us an opportunity to put on dream outfit, but digitally. As a result, a perfect look and photos, activity of followers and subscribers, and all these are completely safe for the natural environment.

It works very simply: choose outfits from designers on the website, choose your photo for the look, pay for the purchase and get your image with new clothes on it in a few days.

On the Dress-X website you can see the examples of how to choose a picture for a good-looking digital outfit. The clothes of 10 designers are different in price and type, you can choose what suits you better and create awesome content. “Don't shop less, shop digital fashion”.